TSMP Magnetically Driven Centrifugal Pump Range



  • Compact
  • Magnetically Driven
  • Seal-less design
  • Leak Free

Our TSMP Range are Magnetically Driven Centrifugal Pumps perfect for a variety of applications. The range is extremely reliable and has a robust seal-less design that ensures that the TSMP Centrifugal Pumps are leak free and capable of handling a wide variety of chemicals and other highly corrosive substances.

Leak Free Design

The TSMP Seal-less Magnetic Drive Pumps are free from leaking issues. Their seal-less design also ensures that there is no need for seal replacements during the pumps life, making them perfect for inbuilt and compact applications.

Large Selection

Our TSMP Magnetic Drive Pump range comprises of more than 50 models. As a result, our experts can offer you a pump perfectly matched to your required configurations and size.

High Corrosion Resistance

Our pumps are manufactured from high grade materials. The wetted parts of the TSMP range are mostly made from high grade polypropylene meaning they are suitable for a wide range of chemicals and highly corrosive medias.

Easy Maintenance

The ingenious design of the TSMP Magnetic Drive Pump range means the pump is manufactured from a small number of parts, resulting in a very simple pump with limited maintenance.


Range Overview

Flow Rates 5lpm – 260lpm
Large Selection Head 5.6m – 18m

110v, 230v or 380v

50hz or 60hz