Brushless DC Motor

Here you can find all the technical information, troubleshooting and a list of ways to extend your DC Centrifugal Pump’s life. For any additional questions, contact the team!

Technical Information

TSM Pumps manufacture products that are powered by Brushless DC Motors which have a number of advantages in terms of how efficient they are and how they can be controlled.

One benefit of our Brushless DC Motors is their variable speed drive. The motor can be set to operate at a wide range of speeds through closed loop motor speed control. This differs from conventional Brushed Motors which operate at a speed dictated by the load and AC Induction Motors, which operate at a largely fixed speed relating to frequency of the local electricity.

Another benefit is that the Brushless DC Motors operate to a very high efficiency. The high efficiency is maintained throughout the life of the motor, whereas standard brushed motors struggle to maintain highly efficient operation as the brush performance can drop off towards the end of the brush life. The variable speed drive of our Brushless DC Motors means the speed can be controlled accurately and can be varied to suit each customer’s application. This results in significantly less wasted energy as the pumps will not run faster than they need to. In many applications, such as pumping cooling fluid, pumps running faster than required put more energy into the fluid being pumped which is clearly counter-productive. Therefore, TSM Pumps’ technology can offer two savings:

  • Less energy to power the pump
  • Less energy wasted by being put into the cooling fluid

The third benefit of using TSM Pumps’ Brushless DC Motors is that the can operate with external CAN control signals. Our OEM customers can control the product with a wide range of possible control strategies to suit the customer’s requirements. The products can also be set with a fixed speed from the factory, which can be set to the customer’s request.

Additionally, our Brushless Motor control systems can offer sophisticated ways of dealing with overheating.  Rather than just cutting out when reaching a set temperature, we can programme the pump to slow down and issue an alarm. This may prevent catastrophic damage to a system, such as in a cooling application.

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Extending Pump Life


  1. Do not dry run the pump
  2. Do not run the DC Centrifugal Pump with fluid temperature over 85°C
  3. Decrease vibration, increased vibration will damage electricals and/or motor shaft.
  4. Pump location will affect your pump’s life. The DC Centrifugal Pump is rated to IP67 but preferably avoiding areas that accumulate exessive dirt and moisture.
  5. When mounting the pump, the hose connection design should be taken into consideration to avoid unnecessary strain on the mountings.


If you’re having the following faults with your pump, here’s a check list to rectify them. If you continue to have problems with your pumps, please get in contact with the team.

Pump not turning

  1. Check electrical connection
  2. Check ignition wire
  3. check if ignition wire is ‘ON’
  4. Verify pin location

Pump is running but not pumping fluid

  1. Check System fluid level
  2. Check for hose restrictions (kinks)
  3. Make sure pump is primed
  4. Check for collapsed inlet or outlet hose
  5. Check pump inlet for trapped debris

No CAN communication and/or pump not responding to CAN commands

  1. Check communication harness wiring
  2. Verify that CAN messages are being transmitted in the correct formats
  3. Verify that correct component CAN address is being used
  4. Ensure correct baud rate is selected, this can be set via the pump software

Pump bearings are making a grinding noise when running

  • Replace pump

Pump is leaking excessively while running

  • Replace pump. No action is required by customers for pump exhibiting acceptable leakage

Low outlet restriction

Pump is limited and may not be able to reach the anticipated speed

Speed Limitation

The speed is limited by the motor control protecting electronics from heat build-up.

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